Ally is on her way to her engagement party but she is super late.

Pick a number…any number between -0 and 1. That’s the amount of patience I have right now. I’ve been stuck in traffic for fifty-three minutes now. Heaven help me, I’m about to get out of this car and walk to my engagement party. I was thirty minutes late fifty-three minutes ago…oh I mean fifty-four minutes ago. I just wanted to arrive at the resturant fasionably late, not extremly late. Why couldn’t that person crash their car somewhere else? Too insensitive? Well, I heard I’ve been like that since Eric proposed to me. Oh well!

Eric is the best man I know. He has a heart of gold and head of steel, I always say. He is so stubborn but for the most part he isn’t stubborn with me. He always gets me what I want. When I told him I wanted the chocolate chip, rasphberry cake from Lola’s bakery he went to it. Ok, so it was twenty minutes before our engagement gathering…I want what I want. He didn’t complain about it; he just got in his car and headed for the cake shop. I hope he remembers what I said about it not having too much icing on top. My fiance is sweet but sometimes following instructions is not his best attribute.

How long does it take to bake a cake anyway? If that store’s location didn’t have such poor phone service, I could have asked him when it would be ready. Maybe I should have answered his call earlier, instead of sending it to voicemail. Eh, seting up my nail appointment was more important. Honestly, if he can’t remember a simple chocolate chip, rasphberry cake with a bit of white chococalte frosting, he needs help.

I hope he wore the suit I got him. I love the man but he can’t dress to save his life. What’s worse is I think he’s colorblind. That’s my future husband. I should think about getting him those fancy glasses that help people see in normal color. It could be a nice wedding present for him. I wonder what he’s getting me. If it’s anything like this engagement ring, i’ll be more than satisfied.

Ugh! This traffic is driving me crazy. I wish everyone would stop calling me. I know I’m late to my own party. Why don’t they bother Eric. I wish I didn’t have cell service right now. All these calls are so annoying. Maybe I should turn on some music.

Traffic starts to move  

Finally! We’re moving. The tow truck already took the car away. Man, I wanted to see how bad the wreck was. Is that a bad thing? I saw a really bad crash once. The woman flew out her windsheild and her husband was almost split in two. Brutal but I couldn’t look away. Hopefully the person in this crash isn’t in bad shape.

The medium looks like it was in a fight with a car. Obviously the car won. I wonder if some people buy their license. How do you crash just like that? Anyway, I’m glad that mess is finally taken care of so I cam be on my way.

Ally arrives at the engagement party

Why in the world is everyone outside of the resturant? They could have waited inside. I paid good money for this place… well Eric did. That’s besides the point. Just becsuse I’m late doesn’t mean we can’t still have dinner. Now i have to get out of this car and see what’s going on. Eric better be there or at least on his way with the cake; everyone is going to love it!

Ally walked over to a group of her family and friends who were standing outside of the restaurant.

“Ally!” Her friend Cara yelled.

“Nice to see you all waited for me.” Ally said.

“Why didn’t you answer your phone? We’ve been calling you like crazy.” Her sister, Amber, said.

“Relax. It’s not like I haven’t been late to stuff before.” Ally said nonchalantly.

“Yeah but then we heard about a crash on your route. Since you weren’t picking up, we feared the worse.” Amber said.

“Well, I’m here and I’m alive. Where’s Eric?” Ally asked.

“Eric is…” Cara pointed to the restaurant door before being cut off by Ally.

“Great! Wait until you taste the cake he got.” Ally said with a smile.

“No, you didn’t let me finish. Eric isn’t in there.”

“So where is he?”

“I don’t know. We called him as much as we called you. We thought something happened to you both when neither of you answered.” Amber said with a worried  look on face.

“What do you mean?”Ally questioned.

“He never arrived.” Cara answered.

“The bakery he went to has really bad reception, so that’s it. Or maybe  he got caught in traffic too. I’ll call him.”

Ally got her phone from her purse, she put in the unlock pin, and hit her contacts. She  looked for Eric’s name and pressed the phone symbol.

“Hi, this is Eric. Sorry I couldn’t answer your call. Leave your…” Ally’s call went straight to voicemail mail. She hung up before she heard the beep.

“His phone is dead, I think.” Ally waved her phone around. “He left me a voicemail earlier. He probably was calling to say his phone was dying and he’d be late.” She opened up her voicemail menu and listened to Eric’s message.

“Hey, babe. I  got the cake. Crazy how someone ordered one just the way you wanted it and never picked it up. Lola gave it to me for free. What luck! I’ll be at the restaurant in about twenty minutes. I’m racing over there as…OH MY GOOO…”

Ally heard Eric scream and then there was a load crash. She took her phone away from her ear. Her face grew pale. She came to the realization that maybe it was her fiancé’s crash she so rudely disregarded. She remembered everything she thought about Eric on her way to the restaurant.

She couldn’t come to terms with what she just heard. Was Eric okay? She didn’t know. All she knew was something happened to him after she insisted he get her a cake for the party. Whatever happened to him was all her fault.





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